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The milk industry in India is still largely unorganised. Major milk flow to the urban areas is handled by the age-old local milkmen. But, is our trusted milkman actually the good milkman?

Most of the milkmen are unable to match the standards of quality and safety with respect to storage of milk as prescribed by the Government. The quality of milk gets compromised if not stored properly. This is where Stainless Steel milk cans come in handy. They are beneficial to store milk for a longer time and in large quantity. Milkmen in India have been using various poor quality milk cans for delivering the milk to you.

The usage of poor quality milk cans has led to several issues in the past. Poor quality milk cans get corroded and lead to bacteria formation which contaminates the milk. Storing milk in such cans may also lead to various diseases. So, while you are under the impression that you are getting milk with all its richness, by the time it reaches you it is already compromised in terms of quality.

Care for Milk is an initiative of Jindal Stainless to spread awareness about the government norms and regulations regarding the storage of milk so that the goodness reaches you uninterrupted.

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