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Purity is not only about consuming good milk but also about its storage. It is about being aware of the standards of quality and safety prescribed by the Government with respect to milk procurement and its storage. It is about spreading this awareness across so that this energy packed drink keeps reaching you and your family with all its goodness. Stainless Steel can is the ideal milk can which transports milk safely without contamination or spillage. It is the best container for storing milk as it does not corrode and keeps the beneficial nutrients of milk intact.

Care for Milk is your chance to bring about necessary changes in your lifestyle to make sure your health and that of your loved ones stays on top of your list. This is your chance to take a pledge to get good milk by educating your milkman and your dairies to keep milk in Stainless Steel cans so that it can be fresh and free from bacteria. Since the real trick to good milk lies in storage, take a pledge through Care for Milk and ask your milkman to use only Stainless Steel milk container for storing milk.

Take a Pledge and ask your dairies & dealers to make sure they procure good milk out of Stainless Steel cans.

Take a Pledge to preserve the goodness of milk.

Awareness begins at home. Change begins at home. Care for Milk. Take a pledge. Change for Good.

I take a pledge to “Get Good Milk”

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Stainless Steel Milk Container
is the ideal milk can

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